People like me have something inside...

Films, cinema, movies whatever you want to call them/it have always been central to my life and how I continue to grow as a person. 

I already have over a thousand viewed films behind me and thousands more to get through, see my iCheckMovies profile.

I am a passionate advocate for the continuing evolution of this art-and-business-form and I am a supporter of any relevant projects currently in the pipeline. 

This blog is both a chronicle of my journeys into filmmaking and an exploration of my relationship with cinema.

An effective filmmaker is an active practitioner.

I am currently working on documentary project, developing a podcast and writing the scripts for a web series. I also dabble heavily in micro-filmmaking, as can been evidenced in my 365 FRAMES 2015 project and everything I post on my YouTube channel.

I am currently studying my self-constructed Masters of Transdisciplinary Application in Global Citizenship, Positive Change Leadership, Marketing Management, Mass Communications, Creative Technologies and Business Administration.

I also possess a First Class BA (Hons) in Creative Writing with Film and Screen Studies 

Key achievements of that first degree included a First Class practical dissertation, E Y E Sa web series concept proposal package and an award-winning First Class theoretical dissertation, Ways of Being: The Spectator and the Spectator

Both of these projects were awarded the highest marks of their modules with my theoretical dissertation receiving the highest mark ever awarded to a Film and Screen Studies dissertation at my university!. 

I believe in experimenting and trying new things.

I have previously been a members of the British Film Institute and the Cinema Theatre Association that promotes the study and restoration of old cinema buildings. 

I also continue to provide pledges and support to film-related crowdfunding projects.

That's it, enjoy!