Friday, 19 May 2017

Breaking Cinema: The podcast is on the shelf

Between May 2014 and October 2016 I had very gradually been developing a podcast, Breaking Cinema

The development period had been a combination of brainstorming, recording practice episodes, lateral thinking, working on other projects, investing in sound recording equipment, writing a highly detailed document about the overall focus of the podcast and then another detailed document outlining the first 10 episodes of the podcast. 

Make no mistake a lot of work, which I now intend to collect together and present on this blog, went into the development of Breaking Cinema

My concept for the Breaking Cinema podcast had been to do something highly experimental, educational, that would break new ground, but would also be highly entertaining.

And then, after having already recorded some material for the first batch of episodes, I decided to put the project on the shelf.


And since October, 2016 on that shelf Breaking Cinema has remained.

I have no plans to pull it off the shelf, not because I do not want to produce and present the podcast, it is because I can not justify the investment of time and energy it would demand... and the very small amount of returns it would deliver. At the end of the day, in its drawn out and fully produced form, it actually has very little to contribute to my MTA portfolio and career development.

Developing Breaking Cinema was by no means a waste of my time and energy, as, like its sister project The Miracle of Crowdfunding, its development was very much tied up with the focuses and growth of my MTA portfolio. If anything, the process of developing the podcast helped me figure out the direction of my MTA portfolio and career development. the Breaking Blindness overview document for the podcast reads more like a personal mission statement for myself!

I have now decided to acknowledge that, like The Miracle of Crowdfunding, the Breaking Cinema project will probably never come to full realisation. However, this is not to say that many of its ideas have not been incorporated into my postgraduate studies and career direction endeavours, so the seeds it planted have grown and continue to develop and live on.

But Breaking Cinema the podcast is over.

All of the materials I produced as part of the podcasts development will now be presented on this blog as a chronicle its development and of my continuing growth as a creative strategic thinker and practitioner.

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