Sunday, 7 February 2016

Breaking Blindness: The [unfinished] Vision Video of Lateral Thinking

Developing the Breaking Cinema podcast is proving to be an ongoing and expansive process. I am currently finishing up writing a "master" document, 

Pulling Teeth & Breaking Blindness: The Detailed Overview & Vision Document for the Breaking Cinema Project

that is now well over 50,000 words and which details various different topics and ideas in an attempt to outline the focus of what I want the podcast to be.

I have briefly hinted at the direction of the podcast in a previous and concise blog post: Breaking Cinema: 1 blog post & 20 key points of the focus...

However, the process that has led to writing the Detailed Overview & Vision Overview master document included a first and unfinished document, 

Breaking Blindness: The Focus Generator and Vision Document for the Breaking Cinema Project 

(most of the material therein I turned into my personal website followed by a little video essay, 

Breaking Blindness: The Breaking Cinema Vision Video of Lateral Thinking, 

that built on and visualised some of the contents of that first document.

“Logic is the tool that is used to dig holes deeper and bigger, to make them altogether better holes. But if the hole is in the wrong place, then no amount of improvement is going to put it in the right place. No matter how obvious this may seem to every digger, it is still easier to go on digging in the same hole than to start all over again in a new place. Vertical thinking is digging the same hole deeper; lateral thinking is trying again elsewhere.”  
– Edward de Bono, The Use of Lateral Thinking, 1972:22
Lateral thinking is very much key to understanding what I am attempting to achieve with the Breaking Cinema podcast and, as such, I have gone about illustrating a lateral process of enquiring within and as the film formulaic structure of the Vision Video.

Like the similar and equally spontaneous, Breaking Cinema with a Selfie Stick, the Vision Video greatly assisted in clarifying my ideas and focus in regards to the podcast and in regards to my larger aims.

However, I will not go into too much detail about the Vision Video here, as it is very self-explanatory on its own, even if it is unfinished and very rough around the edges, I present here what I managed to make out of it.

It still needs a conclusion and I had intended to film a great deal more cutaways in order to better visualise what I was getting at, but there are still some interesting points in this very spontaneous and cobbled together thing.

It is mostly just me blabbering, but 7:12 to 13:47 is quite funny.

I might finish it at some point or make something else out of it, an idea is certainly brewing, but, we'll see...

I will keep breaking away at cinema until I get at the idea I am looking for.

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