Sunday, 8 February 2015

Cinema Theatre Association Membership

I have now become a member of the Cinema Theatre Association which is "dedicated to cinema history – not the films, but the buildings they were and are shown in."

As I have always had a soft spot spot for Cinema buildings and, even in today's digital conversion, I believe the preservation of cinema buildings new and old, whether as working structures or archived curiosities, is hugely important.

I based one of my videos a day around my membership - 365 FRAMES 2015: Day 038 

Membership is only £25 annually - a bargain - and it includes:

  • Six editions of "Bulletin" magazine per year
  • Yearly edition of "Picture House" magazine
  • Access to CTA visits in the UK and Abroad
  • Access to CTA lectures/events

I also received my first issue of the Bulletin magazine.

I have been wanting to invest in a membership for a while now and I am am glad that I finally have. I am sure this membership will come in use somewhere down the line; in addition to showing my support to a cause I care very deeply about.

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