Saturday, 7 February 2015

Cine Stubs

Always find a way to make the mundane interesting and that is exactly what I did while producing the new background for this blog - a laborious task!

While I was building the new background, I also tried out the Cameo app on my new iPod Touch and produced this micro-film in the process...

The original video hosted on Cameo had a glitch in it, so I downloaded it, fixed it and re-uploaded onto YouTube. Overall, I can see Vimeo's Cameo app offering a great deal of potential to digital creatives and even more so when many of its glitches have been ironed out.  

All the cinema ticket stubs I have retained. I intend to keep adding to this and updating the background accordingly.

Cine Stubs developed out of the video I produced for 06/02/2015, as part of my 365 FRAMES 2015 project and one of the aims of that project has been to get me producing ore formidable content on a more regular basis...

Additionally, this was the incentive behind investing in a new iPod Touch...

I fully intend to produce many more micro-films from here on out, there is great potential in this new filmmaking form!

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