Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Remember This - a short film I co-produced

Remember This was orchestrated as the final year creative enterprise project/practical dissertation of my peer Matt Coot. I co-produced Remember This in return for securing Matt's assistance to co-produce my final year creative enterprise project EYES.

I enjoyed producing Remember This, as it was very different to EYES

As there was not enough time for Matt to complete a polished final cut, he ended up submitting a rough cut which was awarded a first. However, one year and one broken Macbook later (and after a great deal of nagging from me) he has finally completed his final cut.

And here it is...

While the film does tell an engaging story, I do still have a few issues with the final cut (mostly technical), but, meh, it's Matt's film at the end of the day, he can do what he likes. Ultimately, it's good to have it finished finally!

Behind the scenes

I was heavily involved with the organising and co-ordination of Remember This during the pre-production phase before Christmas (Oct - Dec), but in the New Year I devoted more of my time to my own projects. However, throughout the whole process of making Remember This, my producing role was consistently concerned with motivating the members of the project and keeping everything on schedule. I also offered additional technical support during the production phase.

For more information on my 
devil's advocate role in the making of Remember This, please see the feedback videos below. I made these videos as feedback for Matt's portfolio, but they also act as my reflections on my producing role for Remember This...

I was also the photographer for the production: Remember This - Production Photographs

I'm sure you'll remember this, now why not take a look at my final year creative enterprise project...

EYES - A Web Series Concept Proposal Package

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