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Fencing HQ: the wiki of Fencing

Fencing is a short documentary and reflective wiki that I co-created with my colleague, Thomas Wiltshire, for our final year BA (Hons) documentary project. The project was orchestrated between October 2012 to April 2013. For a more detailed overview see Fencing: an examination of the sport and an exploration of the documentary medium.

The wiki that was assembled alongside the creation of the fencing documentary was an equally ambitious undertaking. The resulting wiki was vast in its content and the marking criteria required us to use it as a reflection space; in addition to just documenting the making of the documentary. 

The fencing wiki was comprised of 47 separate pages and ranked up to somewhere around 40,000 words!

Ultimately, our wiki went on to be the wiki with the highest mark of the module.

The wiki overview page as it appeared on the blackboard hosting service.

However, as the wiki was hosted on the university's internal blackboard server directing interested parties to its contents has proven to be impossible and this is one of the reason why I have elected to repost its content on this blog.

Aside from a few pieces of confidential documentation and the full discussions between myself and Tom, pretty much everything from the wiki has been re-posted on this blog in a number of combined posts.

Presented below is the main page of the wiki, that acted as an explanation overview of the wiki's contents and contained links to all of its 47 pages. Even though they can not access the original Blackboard pages, I have retained the original links so as to indicated each of the wiki's individual's pages.

The Fencing Wiki - an overview

The Fencing documentary provides an examination of fencing as a sport and a hobby as it exists in the modern idiom. Combating assumptions about elitism and identifying challenges to both professionals & amateurs. Culminating in a thoroughly entertaining, charming and interesting experience that will leave the viewer with a respect and admiration for a sport that truly deserves it.

This wiki covers the full six month period (16/10/2012 - 15/04/2013) of making the Fencing documentary. Presented below are the individual pages that make up the wiki and what each of those pages detail in relation to the overall process of creating Fencing

Fencing - Documentary is where the final submission cut of the Fencing documentary is located.

Fencing - Trailer is where the final submission cut of the Fencing documentary trailer is located.

Reflections contains Pete's and Tom's final reflections on the module and the process of creating the documentary.

Project Overview details the initial vision for the documentary and what elements make up its subject matter.

Research has two pages, one for Tom and one for Pete, with each detailing the research they conducted for the project.

POVs on Fencing has two pages, one for Tom and one for Pete, and briefly details their unique viewpoints on the subject of fencing. This has been recorded here so that it can be referenced in the final reflections to determine how each POV has influenced the documentary and if those POVs have changed as a result of making it.

Character Study details the character study that was produced, the process of making it and how it has influenced the approach to making the 6 minute documentary.

Preproduction details the preproduction process that happened between 16/10/2013 - 16/01/2013. There are five pages in this section; two devoted to the discussions that happened before and after the Christmas break, one focused on the location recce, one devoted to the first practice/character study shoot that was conducted and another devoted to Narrative Structure & Sequences that details the planning that went into working out the story of the documentary before the main filming.

Production details the production phase that happened between 17/01/2013 - 07/02/2013. The first page of this section is devoted to the discussions that took place during the production phase with the remaining pages taking the form of a production timeline, as detailed below:

Postproduction details the postproduction phase that happened between 08/02/2013 - 15/04/2013. The Editing log provides a detailed overview of how the film evolved throughout the editing process, Rough Cut Feedback details the feedback received from screening the rough cuts of the documentary and trailer. Pete's Original 2nd Half contains the rough cuts of what Pete initially edited for the 2nd half of the documentary. Trailer Rough Cuts is where the rough cuts for the trailer can be viewed. Music details the selection of music that has been used in the documentary. Colour Correction details Tom's and Pete's reasons for not colour correcting the final cuts of the documentary and trailer. There is also a page that collects together the discussions that occurred during the postproduction period. 

Locations details the filming locations used.

Equipment details the equipment used and the reasoning behind its selection.

Technical Problems highlights some of the technical problems encountered and the solutions reached.

Permissions details the means by which permissions were secured for the documentary and any problems that were encountered. There are two additional pages: the first page has a copy of the filming notice circulated to the members of the Bath Sword Club and the second collects together scanned copies of the completed release forms.

Risk Assessments is where the risk assessment documentation for this project can be found.

PasC contains the Fencing project-as-completed form.

Discussions contains the complete discussions Pete and Tom had on and off Facebook during the preproduction, production and postproduction periods (16/10/2012 - 15/04/2013).

Photography is where the photographs taken during the project can be located, It is organised according to the dates when the photos were captured.

Screenshots is where the screenshots captured from the footage can be located.

Class Wiki Posts contain the posts Tom and Pete originally posted on the Class Wiki. They have been imported into this wiki so that Tom and Pete can directly link to them when they reference them.

Documentary Ideas collects together the documentary ideas Tom and Pete originally posted on the shared Google spreadsheet. They have been imported onto this wiki so that Tom and Pete can directly link to them when they reference them.

So now you've got the full overview of the project, lets actually dive into the discovery and shaping of the project. Therefore, this takes us to the compilation of the initial research...

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