Monday, 12 May 2014

I RUN NO MORE: Realise your focus, embrace your fear, claim your time and achieve your greatness!

"All this time, I have been running towards year 24."
- 11/12/2013, my 24th birthday

"Live life in colour."
- Michelle Hulford

A cataclysmic cascading cacophony of mountains and mirrors and memories and moments... all colliding, all coalescing and all calming into a single coherence - the thing I call me, the ideal I have been running towards all my life, the focused fortitude that is my greatness.

My name is Peter O'Brien, I stand on 24, I run no more...

An unfathomable potential to achieve extraordinary dreams - everyone has greatness inside of them. Everyone. 

Even you.

We all want something more and we are all very good at preventing ourselves from achieving what we desire. 

Most people are highly insecure about their place and potential within the world; they gradually become more and more disillusioned with their desires and eventually they give up on them all together. Why?


Fear of failure, fear of ridicule, fear of being different, fear of the unknown, fear of fear - call it whatever you want, fear is an excuse that motivates many people to spend a lifetime quietly running away from their passion and potential. 

If you feel that you are in this position, if you want to attain something more and if you will allow me, I would like to empower you to stop, to think and to make a stand. A custom built proclamation and personal rejuvenation through which you will realise your focus, embrace your fear, claim your time and achieve your greatness. 

Regardless of what any Rubik cube may tell you, I would like to make it very clear - I have not lost my mind, quite the contrary in fact.

Death is coming for you and you are going to die one day (just like me). You do not have forever, you only have now. 

Therefore, stop kidding yourself, stop wasting time and start living your greatness. 

Do. It. Now.

My whole life I have listened, I have watched and now I realise...

I have had enough of listening to people moaning about their unrealised potential and then watching them do nothing about changing their circumstances... and then moaning some more about why their potential is unrealised... and then doing nothing about changing their circumstances... and then moaning some more...

Most people spend their whole life running from their greatness, they just allow their time and their potential to slip away... and then they invent story after story about how it was beyond their control: someone who is bred from the most innovative species this planet has ever known and attaining their greatness was beyond their control - yeah, right!

I have done this myself a number of times and you have too, everyone does it, but that is not an excuse to keep doing it.

We owe it to yourselves to achieve great things.

Yes, it is scary. Yes, it is hard. And, yes, it is going to take some time.

But for the love of life and sanity, do you know what is the biggest tragedy of all?

Unrealised potential.

Time can only tell the story you make of it. Throughout the onward march of its ticks and its tocks, there are so many brilliant "maybes", "what ifs" and "somedays" that never were and, worse still, that were never known; not because those imaginings were never conceived, but because those dreams of potential were never birthed into actuality, for the benefit of us all. 

Remaining subservient to your fear, while blindly running towards your death is surprisingly good at insuring that all of your greatness remains unrealised.

I have made my stand. Are you ready to start making yours?

I RUN NO MORE is a project I have been working on for quite a while now, it is a book that is a cross between a memoir, a self-help guide, a motivational speech and something else entirely. It is an exploration of the art, science and neuroscience of storytelling in relation to the various nuances of our psychology and how you can use the stories you tell yourself to re-configure your own psychology... and the day-to-day actions that are produced by that mindset. 

I was originally going to publish the first draft on this blog as thirteen interconnected blog posts. However, considering how large that first draft has become, I now have other plans for the project.

I really am just a mad man with a Rubik cube, but the mad story this Rubik cube plays a role in has changed my life... and it might just change yours too.

What you have read here is just a bit of the original introduction. I decided to keep this short snippet up because it acts as banner for the project and serves as a piece of motivational writing, for others and for myself.

Overall, for me, the project is a highly experimental piece of writing, that has sent many shivers down my spine...

"through the slow progression of time and by actions begun long before that I found myself in those mountains. I would be lying... if I were to say that what I made happen was outside of my intentions. As I sit here telling you my tale, it must be stated that all that has transpired, I am glad it came to happen the way it did. I have found myself a subject of many tales; yet the one I shall now tell is the one in which my path in life will be laden. For as I have learnt, the moment in which you discover who you are is both terrifying and, yet, fulfilling; for... it could not have been any other way." 
- I wrote this in a secret journal in 2006,
16 years old

I RUN NO MORE is the story of how I came to be and what happened next...

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