Saturday, 9 November 2013

The Blog is Back!

Hello, my name is Peter O'Brien and I am not Irish. However, I am a writer, researcher and filmmaker and this is my blog - it's back (again)!

I'm back (without the long hair and five years older)!

Truth be told this blog has had a bit of rough start, considering I started it about three years ago and it only has fifty odd posts. I have created a number of blogs (Something to do with Film being the first one) through which I have been dabbling with concept of "blogging". Each blog (Something to do with Writing, Something to do with Making Films, 366 FRAMES 2013: My 366 Project, Forward Facing Photo) has built on the one before it and it was only really in my most recent one, EYES of a storyteller, that I hit upon the best blogging style. In short, you treat your blog like a sketch-and/or-scrapbook: spontaneous, cluttered and quirky. 

I have also finally figured out the focus this blog should take. The name of it, Something to do with Film, would suggest that it is a typical cinephile review/analysis/appreciation blog and it is... and it is not. Rather, this is my life-blog and it has a particular focus on film because people like me have something inside... something to do with film. As I commented in Ways of Being: The Spectator and the Spectacle, my theoretical dissertation: 

"When I am talking about films, I am talking about humanity’s need for narratives and immersion in fantasy; its need for reflexivity and rationality; its need to expand, to explore and to extrapolate. These are fundamentally ancient yearnings and, when properly understood, they will reveal fundamental insights about reality, human nature and our continually changing ways of being therein." 

Basically, I am going to write about my relationship with film (and all audio visual content) and use that as an illustration of my own life. Simple.

It's a reflexive relationship (me now).

In a similar vein, I am also orchestrating a research project, Ways 2 Interface, that is investigating our ways of being the spectator and the spectacle (it continues my theoretical dissertation research project) of which this blog will form a component.

I am still building the website, but keep your eyes peeled and follow the twitter account @Ways2Interface

Bingo Bongo Bango :D

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