Tuesday, 27 March 2012

366 FRAMES 2012: My 366 Project

An update on my 366 Project.

In a previous post I outlined my new year’s resolution for 2012 which is to undertake a 366 photography project. The idea behind a 366 project is to take a photo a day for a whole year. To host the images I set up a blog which I called:  

365 FRAMES A YEAR, or 366 because 2012 is a leap year

The reason for such a long name was because I didn't realise until quite late in December 2011 that 2012 was in fact going to be a leap year! Hence the reason for the quick fix that was the post it note on the banner! 

As I envision creating a video montage from my 366 photos when the year is through my thinking behind the initial name was for it be reminiscent of the technical term twenty four frames a second, which refers to how many still images are recorded in a second of film. 

However, when I found out 2012 twelve was going to be a leap I couldn’t change the name to 366 FRAMES A YEAR because not every year has 366 days, and 366 FRAMES THIS YEAR didn’t sound quite right, so I resorted to the use of the post it note. 

However, after much dissatisfaction and thought I have come finaly up with new and much more fitting name: 

366 FRAMES 2012

This name I prefer because it contains an element of the original while basically explaining what the project is without having to resort to it just being called a 366 project. But the best thing of all – it’s short!

The change, however, hasn’t impinged upon my progress with the project; I’m still taking a photo a day, I haven't missed a day and I still have four main aims for the project:
  1. To produce a collage of my 366 photos from 2012 which I will then have put on a canvas.
  2. To produce a video montage of my 366 photos from 2012. However, I want to be quite creative with this, so that it is not just a slideshow of 366 photos.
  3. To improve my photographic skills. 
  4. To make me more selective towards my subject matter and change the way I perceive the world. 

In addition to posting the images on Flickr, Google+, Chime.in and Pinterest but the central place will always be the blog:

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