Friday, 18 November 2011

Where will it all stop – Rehearsals

This summary post was originally written for a practical exercise undertaken in the Planning and Making a Film module I undertook in the penultimate year of my BA (Hons). The module's practice was undertaken between October 2011 to June 2012 and it provided me with a hugely enriching experience. For a more detailed overview of the module and the projects I undertook as a part of it, see Planning and Making a Film: The student filmmaking experience.


It was an early one today! Jenny (Director), Sally (Production Manager) and myself (Cinematographer) met up at nine o’clock to go through a rehearsal with the cast. However, as always, we had encountered scheduling problems and were only able to meet up with three male members of the cast: Josh (Joe), Ollie (Alex Ranahan) and Jec (Chuck). This meant that Sally had to fill in for Emma, I had to fill in for Lolly and Jenny had to read the stage directions and fill in for the bartender.

We started off by doing a script read through and then moved on to actually rehearsal the scenes (Scenes 1, 2 and 6). In the room we had booked, Jenny repositioned the tables to simulate the layout of The Royal Oak. This helped especially in allowing the actors to know where they will be positioned in regards to the camera and each other.

Ideally, I would have liked to have rehearsed more than once but time was getting on and the room was needed by others. The down side of not having all the actors there is that when it comes to shooting we will only be half prepared in terms of performance. However, as long as we are organised, stick to the timetable and all the actors know their lines this shouldn't cause too much of a problem, as we are only shooting a couple of scenes. 

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